Challenge of 1,000 : List of the Ghanaian winners

Organised as a part of the 2020 Africa France Summit, the Challenge of 1000 was aiming at giving the opportunity to 1,000 African entrepreneurs to meet and exchange in Bordeaux with the major politico-economic actors of France and African countries.

In total, 32 Ghanaians have been selected to participate in the 2020 Edition of the Challenge.

These young entrepreneurs impressed the members of the jury with their innovation(s), their dynamism and their ideas which will undoubtedly contribute to building the sustainable city of tomorrow.

You will find below the list of winners who will be invited to an official reception at a later date.

List of the winners

PDF - 372.7 kb
List of winners
(PDF - 372.7 kb)

Because of the current health crisis, the Challenge of the 1,000 has turned into a support program rather than being canceled. Mentoring, training, networking will be made available to these entrepreneurs to make their business prosper.

Message from Stéphanie Rivoal, General Secretary of the Summit


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