Visit To Ho Technical University

As part of efforts to further consolidate the flourishing bilateral relations in the educational sector, between France and Ghana, the Head of Cooperation, Dr. Jean-Luc Mure and the Cooperation attaché for French language, Madam Julie Fournier-Angelo embarked on a trip to Ho


The first destination on the itinerary was the Ho Technical University where the French delegation met with the university authorities. Present at the meeting were: the interim Vice Chancellor of the university, the Pro-vice chancellor, the Registrar, the Head of the department of modern languages and the Director of international relations.The institution had been a polytechnic for thirty (30) years and attained University status only in December last year.

Hence, this visit presented an opportunity for discussions aimed at exploring avenues for cooperation with corresponding educational institutions in France. The Head of the modern languages department gave a brief on the progress of French teaching in the university, after which there ensued a discussion on the prospects of possible support from the French embassy towards the learning of French, (language laboratory, library, training and resources...) with particular reference to students in the hospitality department.

A second stop was made at the Regional center for the teaching of French (CREF) which is located in the OLA senior high school, one of the oldest girl senior high schools in Ghana in order to meet with the CREF director, along with the French teachers in the school. They took advantage of the opportunity to take the French delegation around; showing them the library and the class rooms. The CREF director also seized the occasion to express his gratitude to the French embassy for all the support and resources contributed to the CREF.

Dernière modification : 23/02/2017

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