The World AIDS Day [fr]

The French Embassy to Ghana is partnering with UNAIDS and MTN to mark the World AIDS Day, to raise awareness on STIs, HIV prevention and alleviation of stigma!

The French Ambassador to Ghana along with the Country Director for UNAIDS, the Director General of Ghana AIDS Commission and the CEO of Verifies Group launched the opening ceremony of the World AIDS Day 2019.

Educating” and sensitizing young adults

Through an event that gathered hundreds of people, the aim of the Day was to educate, sensitize, counsel and screen young adults on varied relevant sexual health issues (treatment, screening, etc.) and at the same time to bring together various stakeholders, patrons of health, media, entrepreneurs and the working class, NGOs to also discuss ways to alleviate stigma.

Reduction of AiDS-related deaths over the past 30 years

Over the past 30 years, immense progress has been made worldwide : AIDS-related deaths have been reduced by more than 56% since the 2004 peak, 79% of people living with HIV knew their status, new infections have been reduced by 40% since the 1997 peak and more than 23 million people living with HIV have access to antiretroviral treatment.

Challenges worldwide and in Ghana

Nevertheless, the challenges to the elimination of AIDS remain significant: in 2018, nearly 38 million people were living with HIV, 1.7 million people were newly infected and more than 38% of those affected still do not have access to treatment.

In Ghana, HIV/AIDS remains a significant cause of death and prevalence is high among key populations. New HIV infections have not decreased (19,100 cases / year in 2017) and the number of people living with HIV is estimated at 320,000 in 2018.

The 6th GLobal Fund Replenishment Conference in Lyon

French Government is particularly engaged in the fight against HIV/AIDS. On October 10, 2019, France hosted the 6th Global Fund Replenishment Conference in Lyon, meeting the financial needs for the 2020-2022 periods. The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has several objectives: maximizing the impact of actions against HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria; building resilient and sustainable health systems; promotion and protection of human rights and gender equality and the mobilization of resources.
The States present at the Conference have met their commitments: the Fund has collected $ 14.02 billion in pledges, including $ 1.4 billion from France, which remains the second largest contributor to the Global Fund since its creation in 2002. The $ 14 billion will help to save 16 million lives and avoid 234 million new infections in 2030.

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