The French embassy visited the project site of the Nubian Vault association

On the 27th of September 2017, a delegation from the French embassy visited the project site of the Nubian Vault association, dedicated to the “Emergence and development of Specialised Masons in the Upper East region of Ghana

During their working trip to the Upper East region, Marion Chapon (Cooperation attaché at the French embassy) and Genevieve Partington (Projects Coordinator) took the opportunity to call on one of the projects being funded by the embassy of France in Ghana.

As part of its commitment towards Sustainable Development Goals, the French embassy through a grant of 48, 092 GHS, provided support to the Voute Nubienne (Nubian Vault) association to put in place a program that trains masons in the use of local inexpensive traditional materials for building construction. At the end of their training, the masons would be able to build sustainable structures that are adapted to local economic conditions and which address issues relating to the preservation of the environment and climate change (better thermal performance, more resistance, reduction in carbon materials, etc.): objectives which dovetail into the aims of the Global pact for the environment proposed and submitted by French president Emmanuel Macron during the 72nd UN general assembly on 19th September.

The Voute Nubienne Association has also embarked on a “Building Plan Adapted for the Sahel region in Africa” (PBAAS) the purpose of which is to bring about better living conditions, job creation, professional training for the youth and rural development.

Dernière modification : 13/10/2017

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