Results of the France-Ghana Joint Fellowships Programme 2020-2021 [fr]


The first edition of the France-Ghana Joint Fellowships Programme was a success and resulted in the award of 8 co-funded fellowships: 4 Master’s and 4 PhD fellowships.

1. The Partnership

On 11th July 2019, an agreement on scholarships in France for Ghanaian students was signed by the Secretary of State for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, and the Ghanaian Minister of Education, Matthew Opoku Prempeh. This agreement details the terms of the joint scholarship program managed by the Embassy of France and the Ghanaian Scholarships Secretariat in order to facilitate access for Ghanaian students to study in France, either for higher education (Master’s and PhD level), or for the "Year Abroad" language immersion program for future French teachers.

Joint awards are full scholarships that cover the following costs:
-  Registration and Tuition fees
-  Health Insurance
-  Visa Fee
-  Return Ticket from Ghana to France
-  Settlement allowance
-  Monthly allowance

2. The Selection Process

The call for applications for the scholarship programme was launched on 21 January 2020 and the deadline for receipt of applications was 16 March 2020. The eligible areas were:
-  French as a foreign language
-  Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
-  Science and Technology
-  Agriculture and Agri-Food
-  Environment and Earth Sciences
-  Tourism, archaeology

201 applications (of which 121 eligible) were received at the master’s level and 16 (of which 12 eligible) at the doctoral level. A pre-selection was carried out, initially separately, and then jointly with the Scholarships Secretariat.
The COVID-19 pandemic led to one-on-one video-conference interviews. These interviews were conducted by a representative of the Scholarship Secretariat, a representative of the embassy and the Technical Advisor in charge of university and research cooperation:
-  31 interviews at Master level;
-  10 interviews at the Doctoral level.

The selection criteria were: the priority of the field of study, the level of excellence of the candidate, his motivation for studies in France as well as the relevance of the chosen course in relation to the project. The scoring grids for the French and Ghanaian participants were compiled and a final selection committee met on 28 May to decide on the award of scholarships.

3. The Results

8 scholarships were awarded jointly:
• 4 at the PhD level in the following disciplines:
-  French as a foreign language;
-  Medical anthropology/paleopathology;
-  Pharmaceutical microbiology;
-  Hydrology/geophysics.

• 4 at Master’s level in the following disciplines
-  French as a foreign language;
-  Environmental Sciences;
-  Political Science, Environment Specialty;
-  Health sciences, neurobiology specialty

At the Joint Selection Committee, the Scholarships Secretariat, through its Director, expressed its satisfaction with the process of selection that fully involved them in the selection of candidates and was able to take into account the choices of the Government of Ghana in terms of disciplines priorities, noting that this was the most successful joint scholarship partnership in Ghana.
Apart from the joint programme, the French Embassy granted a shared cost scholarship at PhD level, which could be supplemented by a research grant from IRD.


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