Projects selected in the second call for proposals in social accountability

Two projects have been selected in the framework of the second call for proposals in social accountability, supported by the French project entitled “Strengthening the accountability of Ghana’s central and Local Government”. The contracts signing ceremony were held on the 29th of January 2016, at the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) office.

CDD-Ghana, implementing partner for the component aimed to strengthen ties between Government, civil society and citizens, signed the funding contracts with the two selected NGOs: Anchito Foundation for Education and Self Help (AFES), Center of Local Governance Advocacy (CLGA). These two NGOs were beneficiaries of the first call. They applied for a second phase of their respective project in order to go deeper and further with complementary initiatives. The amount for each project from the second call is 15 000€, for a period of one year.

Picture: The representatives of AFES and CLGA the 2 selected NGOs, of CDD-Ghana and France-Ghana cooperation, at the contracts signing ceremony, Accra, the 29th January 2016. ©CDD-Ghana - JPEG

Anchito Foundation For Education and Self-Help (AFES) is implementing a project with the District of Upper Manya Krobo-(Eastern Region), aimed specifically at youth engagement in local governance through the media and social networks (facebook, whatsapp, twitter, etc.). The NGO’s aims is to create a platform that enables young people to make their voices heard and influence local decision makers for better accountability. In the Phase 2, AFES has planned to get 2000 young people participating in monitoring and evaluation on local development projects, and self-initiating communal labor exercises. AFES also seeks to ensure that the District develops participatory budgets and publicize on public notices, executes approved work plan, being monitored by communities (citizen, journalists).

Center for Local Governance Advocacy (CLGA) applied for a project aimed at increasing citizens’ participation in local governance, from the formulation of policy guidelines to their implementation. The District partner is Suhum in the Eastern Region. CGLA has raised the general interest of citizens in local governance and established the framework for a sustainable dialogue and has institutionalized it. The Phase II ensures the active participation of inhabitants and reinforces the dialogue with traditional authorities in decision making for a sustainable environmental management and for a respectful and adapted social and economic development.

A third and last call for proposals is scheduled for June 2016, to select two new innovative projects in social accountability.

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