Project to create a sports clinic in Accra [fr]

Abedi Ayew Pelé, a leading figure in Ghanaian sport, is in charge of the project to create a sports clinic in Accra.

This initiative is part of a global project to create a Sports Academy "FC Nania", a centre of excellence for the selection and training of future football elites in Ghana and West Africa. FC Nania currently welcomes young footballers from various social backgrounds, who are fully supported by the club.

The sports complex called "FC Nania" will include: bilingual French-English training facilities, offering training, competition and supervision for high-level footballers, but also a quality healthcare structure.

In order to cover the lack of such structures in Ghana and the sub-region, the sports clinic will deliver a specific care offer integrating three components:

  • diagnosis
  • treatment (surgery)
  • functional rehabilitation for athletes of all levels, all disciplines combined

This project is supported by the French Embassy, which financed a pre-feasibility study of the structure.

Watch the video presentation of the sports clinic project:

Sports clinic project in Accra

Dernière modification : 23/01/2019

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