The Internal Security Section (ISS) in Accra

The Internal Security Attaché (ISA)

The Internal Security Attaché is the Ambassador’s adviser for all internal security matters. He organises and coordinates bilateral and multilateral cooperation, particularly the technical, operational and institutional aspects. The Internal Security Attaché enjoys a diplomatic status and implements security cooperation as laid down by the Ministry of the Interior in keeping with the general guidelines of French foreign policy. The one-point contact of the local police authorities, the Internal Security Attaché in this post abroad is the representative of the French national police and gendarmerie. He makes proposals for cooperation programmes and implements them, and participates in missions for rendering assistance to the French community residing in Ghana, thus contributing to the internal security of France.

The Internal Security Section (ISS)

In the discharge of his duties, the internal security attaché may be assisted by a deputy attaché, liaison officers, international technical experts, and volunteers from the police and the national gendarmerie, all of whose activities he guides and coordinates. Through his initiative, the Internal Security Section develops operational information exchanges with the police of the country of residence, particularly with regard to international crime (illegal immigration, organised crime, terrorism, drug, arms and human trafficking, etc.). This Section is an essential link for the application of European arrest warrants. It contributes to the active follow-up of international rogatory commissions. It also helps promote the French security equipment industry and assists the resident French community. Be it through its daily action or the preparation of bilateral or multilateral cooperation agreements, the ISS directly contributes to France’s homeland security.

The Internal Security Section (ISS) in Accra, Ghana

Located in the Embassy of France since 2007, the staff of the ISS includes the Divisional Commissioner Christopher BRIEZ, ISA based in Lomé, and Commander Silvain COUÉ, chief of antenna in Accra and regional liaison officer in charge of narcotics for Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Côte d’Ivoire.

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