Pan African Writers’ Association Continental Colloquium comes off in Accra

On the occasion of the celebration of the 24th International African Writers’ Day, the official opening ceremony of the Pan African Writers’ Association Continental Colloquium was held on 6th November 2017 at the Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra. The event centered on the theme “Language, Library, and the Book Industry: the urgent agenda for Africa’s destiny.”

Over 70 writers, publishers, librarians, language arts experts and guests representing Africa’s diverse cultural fabric participated at this year’s colloquium. The keynote address was given by President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo who was decorated at the ceremony with the Nobel Patron of the Arts award. Other distinguished guests at the occasion were Ambassador Kwesi Quartey, Deputy Chairperson of the AU Commission and Professor Beban Sammy Chumbow of the University Of Yaoundé, Cameroon. The French Embassy was also represented by Dr. Jean-Luc Mure, who is the Head of Cooperation and Cultural affairs, as well as the Director of Institut Français.

The panel discussion focused on a plethora of topics including electronic publishing, the campaign for reprographic rights, technological divide and the African future, translations, copyright administration and the role of women in literature and language.
The Pan African Writers Association (PAWA) is a leading Pan African Cultural Institution made up of the 52 National Writers Associations on the continent, and whose mission is to strengthen the cultural and economic bonds among the African people against the background of the continent’s acknowledged diverse but rich cultural, political and economic heritage.

With the majority of its membership coming from English and French-speaking countries over the continent, English and French remain the principal working languages of the Association, which has its founding roots in the first ever “Congress of Black Writers and Artists” held in Paris in 1956. The Embassy of France to Ghana and partner institutions of the France In Ghana network wish to commend the association for its invaluable contributions to remedying problems facing the development of Pan African culture and literature.


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