NKABOM 2019, Call for research projects France Ghana: a promising start

Nkabom means ‘togetherness’ in Twi, one of the local languages of Ghana. The NKABOM programme of the Embassy of France in Ghana therefore seeks to foster scientific cooperation between France and Ghana by issuing a call for research project proposals and facilitating access to funded French support for scientific cooperation as part of its preparations towards a Hubert Curien Franco-Ghanaian Agreement.

In the framework of the Nkabom 2019 programme, two calls were launched: a call for applications to the Scientific Committee and a call for research projects.

The call for applications to participate as an active member in the France-Ghana Nkabom Scientific Committee was launched in February and opened to Ghanaian researchers. 17 applications were received out of which 3 applicants were selected as active members.

3 active members were nominated by the French Embassy.

3 observer members were nominated respectively by the French Embassy, the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) and the Ministry of Education (MoE).

The Nkabom 2019 Scientific Committee is composed of:
Prof. Frederick Ato ARMAHUniversity of Cape Coast Active member Ghana
Prof. Gordana KRANJAC-BERISAVLJEVIC University of Development Studies Active member Ghana
Prof. Christopher GORDON University of Ghana Active member Ghana
Prof. Nicaise NDAM IRD Active member France
Dr Marion Chapon French Embassy Active member France
Dr Sonia COUPRIE Expertise France Active member France
Mr Oliver BOACHIE MESTI Observer member Ghana
Mr Alexandre Foulon French Embassy Observer member France
Mr Andrews QUANING MoE, GES Observer member Ghana


The call for joint research projects was launched in February and was open to a wide range of disciplines :

Applied sciences: Energy and Renewable energy, Environment and Climate Change, Engineering sciences; Health Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Biology and Biotechnology, Archaeology, Human and Social sciences. This programme aims at enhancing exchanges between France and Ghana by funding the mobility of researchers.

The deadline for applications was 25th March 2019. 8 eligible projects were received.

The 6 active members of the Scientific Committee reviewed the project individually with a common assessment form and gathered on Thursday 4th April with the 3 observer members of the committee to deliberate on the projects proposed.
Discussions also centered on the possible involvement of Ghana as a co-funder of the programme for the next edition in 2020, which could be done through the MESTI.

Three projects were selected for Nkabom 2019 :

"Wireless Communication in Complex and Inhomogeneous Environments using Acoustic and Electromagnetic Waves", presented by University le Havre Normandie and the Department of Computer Science in University of Ghana (Wireless communications, computer science) with a mobility budget of 4800 €.

“Trans-Saharan and Trans-Atlantic Ages: Iron and Gold in Time and Space”, presented by the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès-CNRS and the University of Ghana, Department of Archaeology (Archaeology) with a mobility budget of 4520 €.

“Heat Transfer Enhancement and Optimization of Solar Collectors for Hot Water Production”, presented by the CERI-EE - IMT Lille Douai and the KNUST - Brew Hammond Energy Center (Thermo-Fluids and Renewable Energy) with a mobility budget of 4600 €”

The projects will be implemented in 2019 and a completion report will be sent early 2020 to the Scientific Committee.

Congratulations to the grant winners and to all the teams who presented very interesting projects.

Dernière modification : 16/04/2019

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