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Nkabom means ‘togetherness’ in Twi, one of the local languages of Ghana. The NKABOM project of the Embassy of France in Ghana therefore seeks to foster scientific cooperation between France and Ghana by issuing calls for research project proposals and facilitating access to fully French funded support for scientific cooperation as part of its preparations towards a Hubert Curien Franco-Ghanaian Agreement.

Deadline for applications: 25/03/2019

Message for the attention of the candidates to the call for projects NKABOM 2019.
For technical reasons, applications sent on Monday 25 March 2019 to scac.accra-amba@diplomatie.gouv.fr between 8:00 GMT and 23:59GMT may not have been received by the Service for Cooperation and Cultural Action.
Candidates are invited to send their email before Thursday 28/03 at 12:00 noon, providing proof of their initial sending.

Types of projects

The objectives of this program are to develop scientific and technological exchanges between laboratories of excellence of the two countries, promoting new partnerships and the participation of young researchers and doctoral students in these exchanges.
All fields of science are eligible for the program.
However, priority will be given to projects in the following disciplines:

- Applied science: Energy and Renewable energy, Environment and Climate Change, Engineering sciences;
- Health Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Biology and Biotechnology.
- Archaeology;
- Human and Social sciences;

Conditions for eligibility of research teams

The call for applications is open to research laboratories associated with universities or research organizations both in France and Ghana.
Each project must be led by two scientists, one in France, the other in Ghana. They will be jointly in charge of the scientific, technical and administrative coordination of the project, as well as the drafting of scientific and financial reports. The applications must be co-written and presented by the French and Ghanaian researchers in English to the coordinator in charge of the program at the Embassy of France in Ghana.

Project Evaluation Criteria

- Scientific quality of the project and the teams;
- Active participation of young researchers, in particular PhD students or postdocs;
- Interest of cooperation and complementarity of French and foreign teams;
- Prospects of structuring or development of the project. Collaborative projects with a notable open European perspective will be considered as priority.

Composition of Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee of this call for projects is composed of 9 members: 6 fully fledged members and 3 observer members:
- Embassy of France in Ghana: 1 active member, 1 observer member,
- Expertise France: 1 active member,
- French research Centre: 1 active member,
- Ghana Research Centre: 3 active members in 3 different disciplines,
- Ministry of Education in Ghana: 1 observer member,
- Ministry of the Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation: 1 observer member.

Selection of projects

Eligible projects will be subject to a pre-scientific evaluation by each of the fully-fledged French and Ghanaian members of the Scientific Committee. The Scientific Committee then meets together to deliberate on these assessments and jointly decide the allocation of support for selected projects.

Members of the Scientific Committee who are already a part of a project team or are representing an institution that is taking part in this program cannot participate in the evaluation of this project.

Modalities of Operation

The duration for the project is one year.

Expenditures must be imperatively accounted for before 30 November of the year concerned and cannot be carried forward to the following year.

It only covers the cost of support of travel expenses between the two countries of the researchers involved in the program.

Any other funding needed for the implementation of joint projects will have to be provided by means of partner laboratories or other sources.

Scope of Funding

The funds provided by the French Embassy will mainly cater for the payment of the airplane tickets of the researchers from France and Ghana:
- Travel allowances in France/Ghana: 140 EUR/day,
- Air Ticket (France/Ghana or Ghana/France): Covered by the French Embassy, to the limit of €900 per round trip.

Intellectual property

Researchers in each country, particularly the project managers must ensure that the necessary measures are taken to ensure the protection and sharing of intellectual property, which serves as a basis for creating joint projects. Attached to this proposal is a document on good practice, which contains information on intellectual property rules. This document must be read carefully by prospective candidates of this program as adhesion to these rules forms part of the requirements for participation.

Monitoring of projects

A final scientific and financial report will be prepared by the French and Ghanaian officials no later than three months after the end of the program.
The French project managers must use the model of the report proposed by the Embassy of France when approving the project and send it in electronic version to the Program Coordinator at the Embassy of France within the same time period (cf. Contact for the program below).
The publications written on this program must indicate the support given by the French Embassy in Ghana.
An optional annual visit (provided it would not entail any additional costs) to the French embassy would be desirable as it would provide the teams with the opportunity to present their work and thus increase visibility.

Practical Arrangements for Submission of Applications

- Deadline for joint submission of applications: 25th March 2019
- Diffusion of results: 10th April 2019
- Commencement of projects: 25th April 2019
- Last date for disbursement of funds for projects: 31st November 2019
- End of projects (mobility to France or Ghana): 31st December 2019

Application requirements

The documents required for application are::
- The application form in English
- The CVS of researchers involved in the research project
- A letter from each of the research Centres indicating their agreement to commit this joint project.
- Project holders are encouraged to submit their files in advance in order to prevent technical hazards from jeopardizing the filing of their applications within the time limit.

The completed application form (which must not exceed 10 pages) will be required to be sent in PDF format to scac.accra-amba@diplomatie.gouv.fr

The documents for application must be typed in English.

For more information: sonia.couprie@expertisefrance.fr

Please find all the documents relating to the above research project below:

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Call for Projects - NKABOM 2019
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NKABOM 2019 - Application File
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