Mrs. Bernadette Serwaa Quartey Economic Policy Analyst, Research Department, Parliament of Ghana

Mrs. Quartey had her first degree in law and French from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi. She then obtained her master’s degree in Economic Policy Management at University of Ghana Legon in 2006. She won the French Embassy scholarship to study parliament and parliamentary procedures and teaching curriculum development for French at ENA, Besançon in France.

Today, she is an economic policy analyst who, researches on parliamentary activities, a member of the Commission for the Ministry of Roads and Transport and the Head of teaching of French in Parliament.


Embassy of France: Good morning. For you, what symbolizes France? When you hear the name “France”, what do you think of?
Mrs. Quartey: It’s culture, sharing of ideas, development, partnership, economic exchanges.

So your work, does it have anything to do with France or French?
Yes, I teach French to parliamentarians, so of course it does.

France in Ghana, what does it represent for you? Do you feel the presence of France in Ghana?
France in Ghana for me, is an organization that is ready to share its culture, help in terms of development, and share knowledge to the benefit of those who need them.

Ok. So you were in France, tell me, how was your experience with France or the French?
I like their landscapes, the seasons, their food (cheese, chocolate, bread etc.), the cultural diversity especially in Paris. It was nice.

What is your opinion about France Ghana relation?
I think over the years, France and Ghana have developed tighter relation, but I think we should intensify this relation, especially in the area of education. They should exert influence on the educational policies in Ghana, which I think will change a lot of things.

Do you think we should generalize the teaching of French?
Yes. To even the basic level, especially in the public schools. I think having French is a great advantage to finding jobs and I will encourage anybody to learn French. Thank you.

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