Mobility of Artists and Cultural Professionals - Guides for France [fr]

The French Ministry of Culture has announced the publication of two new versions of the guides to artistic mobility to France for artists and culture professionals, produced by On the move, an international platform for artistic mobility.

On the move is the international platform dedicated to the mobility of artists and cultural professionals:

On the move is supported by the Ministry of Culture for :
- Supporting artists and professionals in the field of artistic creation in the development of their European and international strategy (in partnership with the French Institute);
- Publishing mobility guides by theme or geographical area;
- The translation of the website and the monthly newsletter into French, in particular concerning mobility opportunities.

All the resources of On the move are aimed at French and foreign artists and professionals, for their mobility around the world or their collaboration with France.

A new version of two guides promoting exchanges with France for foreign professionals has just been published:
- The guide to cultural mobility funding for France - 2019 edition (155 schemes listed);
- the guide to private foundations and funds (35 foundations and funds listed).
Widespread dissemination of this information will encourage artistic exchanges and cooperation.

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Dernière modification : 17/02/2020

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