Meeting held with civil service institutions on the support of French training [fr]

A meeting was held on the 7th of February, 2017 with partner and beneficiary institutions of the FSP SIFFLE project in order to explore means of strengthening support mechanisms for French language training in these organisations..

Within the framework of its policy of supporting Ghanaian initiatives in the domain of French, France and Ghana on the 24th of June 2016, signed an agreement which for a period of three years would make available 700,000 euros for the «Soutien aux initiatives de formation en français langue étrangère » (SIFFLE) project. This project is geared towards the improvement and consolidation of French training programs in three sectors: in second cycle institutions (JHS-SHS), secondly in science and technology universities and thirdly in the public sector.

This meeting jointly organized by the Ministry of Education, the French Embassy and Ghana Institute of Languages, brought together public partner institutions of the program: the Ghana Police Service & Academy, Narcotics Control Board, Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority, Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana Institute of Journalism and the Public Service Commission.

The Head of Cooperation and Cultural Affairs in his opening address commended the institutions and the Ghanaian government for their efforts in supporting and facilitating the learning of the French language across different sections of the society through the educational system and professional environment. He highlighted the allure and relevance of the French language, which beyond its aesthetic qualities, represents an indispensable tool for regional integration.

The discussion, led by the Cooperation attaché for French language then focused on the presentation of the SIFFLE program: objectives, projects, and the proposed plan of action, suggested training sessions, budget, with emphasis on the third Component that aims at supporting public service establishments in the area of French training. The views of present institutions were sought so as to adjust the plan of action to the specific needs.

The role of the Ghana Institute of Languages and that of the Public Service Commission were outlined: the former being designated as the coordinator of the project with the ability to propose training programs, and the latter playing an advisory and decision-making role in the enhancement of French in the public sector domain.

The final session was dedicated to consultations with individual institutions in order to better appreciate the peculiar situations of the various establishments so that appropriate steps, in regard of the state of French training, trainee profiles, logistic, resource and training needs, can be adapted to each organisation.




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