Master’s Degree & PhD Scholarship Programmes 2018-2019 For Ghanaian students

Within the framework of academic cooperation and student mobility between France and Ghana for the 2018-2019 academic year, the French Embassy in Ghana is offering co-shared scholarships to bright Ghanaian students at Master’s and PhD levels for the 2018-2019 academic year.



The eligibility criteria for 2018 are as follows

- Applicants must have Ghanaian nationality.

- Age limit: 35 years for applicants of a Master’s degree and 40 years for those of PhD.

- Academic level:
Bachelor’s Degree for a Master’s
Mphil Degree for a PhD

- Fields of study:

  • Agriculture & food industry
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Environment
  • Languages and literature
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Health sciences
  • Engineering
  • Economics & political science
  • Humanities & social studies

Mastery of French: French proficiency is not a compulsory requirement for application.

-  For Master’s Degrees students who speak little or no French at all, can apply to a wide-range of programmes taught in English by various French Universities.

-  For PhDs, students can do their research and write their thesis in English.

Nonetheless, mastering of French language would be an asset. Note that certain universities require a minimum level of B2 to pursue programmes taught in French.

How to apply?

Applications must be submitted or sent to the Cooperation and Cultural Affairs Department (SCAC) at the French Embassy in Ghana, Presidential Drive – PO BOX 187 Accra, latest by Monday 19th March 2018, 12pm prompt.

An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to applicants by e-mail.

Please note that applications sent by e-mail will not be accepted.

Compulsory documents
  • Application form to be downloaded and completed
    PDF - 146.4 kb
    Scholarship Application form
    (PDF - 146.4 kb)
  • Cover letter (maximum of 1 page) should be addressed to the Head of Cooperation and Cultural affairs, detailing the student’s motivation and highlighting how the desired course will support the student’s career development
  • Copies of full academic transcripts and certificates
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copie of birth certificate certified by Ghanaian authorities.
  • Proof of registration or pre-registration with a French university
  • Description of the Research Topic – 1 page (for PhDs candidates)
  • Reference letter from your Ghanaian University
  • For applicants to doctorate programmes, kindly attach your research topic as well as an introductory letter from your thesis supervisor in the host university.

The SCAC will finance a maximum of one (1) stay of six (6) months each year for three (3) consecutive years at the host laboratory/ institution

Only complete applications will be assessed by the selection committee. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview before a final selection takes place, mid-April 2018.

The list of selected applicants will be published on the website of the French from May 2, 2018.

Applications submitted as part of a Franco-Ghanaian inter-university partnership will constitute an added advantage.

You may also apply to GETFUND in order to secure a separate scholarship or receive one as complement to the French government scholarship.

For information on French universities and higher education programmes


For information on French higher education or on compulsory documents requested, contact Campus France at Maison Française, Legon (Daniel Doe :

For Master’s applicants

Depending on circumstances, there are two types of scholarships to be awarded: the co-shared scholarship and the social cover scholarship

Co-shared scholarship:
Duration and benefits:

24 months of scholarship over a 2 year period including:

-  1 return ticket to France
-  Free Visa
-  Free basic public university registration fees
-  Social cover
-  Monthly stipend

“Social Cover” scholarship:
Duration and benefits:

24 months of scholarship over a two year period including:

-  1 return ticket to France
-  Free Visa
-  Social cover

For PhD applicants

Co-shared scholarship:
Duration and benefits:

3 stays in France of 6 months each, over a period of three-years including :

-  3 return tickets to France (1 for each stay)
-  Free Visa
-  Free basic public university registration fees
-  Health insurance cover for the period of stay
-  Monthly stipend

“Social Cover” scholarship:
Duration and benefits:

-  3 return tickets to France (1 for each stay)
-  Free Visa
-  Social cover

Note: None of these benefits represents a full scholarship nor completely covers the total expenditure involved.

For the purposes of obtaining a student visa, selected candidates will have to provide proof of additional sources of revenue of a minimum of 700 euros per month, part of which may be covered by the scholarship.


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