Maison Française and Campus France Antenna at KNUST (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology)

With the support from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, the French Embassy has expanded its academic and scientific cooperation network by setting up a second Maison Française on KNUST University campus. Located on the first floor of a multipurpose complex of classrooms and offices called Examination Hall, it includes a resource centre, which has more than 1000 references, with a working space of 15 seating capacity, a language laboratory equipped with 18 computers and a Campus France antenna. Like the Maison Française at University of Ghana, the missions of the Maison Française at KNUST are scientific and university cooperation, linguistic cooperation and cultural cooperation.

Maison Française at KNUST is coordinated by an International Volunteer (VI) of French nationality, with the help by four national service personnel and a computer engineer, all recruited locally. The coordinator is responsible for managing Maison Française, the cultural and academic activities that take place there, the Campus France antenna, and also provides FLE (French as a foreign language) for students of the French Department and students who are not good in French from scientific and technical departments.

A university relay on campus
Maison Française’s mission is to link Ghanaian universities and French higher education and research institutions to facilitate the development of partnerships and exchanges between the two countries at the university level.

To facilitate these exchanges, and also the student and teacher mobility, Maison Française at KNUST has been hosting since June 2015 a Campus France antenna, whose missions are:

  • promotion and attractiveness of studying in France;
  • advice on the French higher education system;
  • support students in their application formalities training in France;
  • support students in their visa application procedures;
  • workshops in resume writing and cover letters;
  • organization of preparatory meetings to travel to France;
  • Monitoring annual scholarships programs of the Embassy.

A university cultural centre for French
Maison Française, which replaced in 2012 the Resource Centre for French, organises many cultural and academic events to allow French students to practice the language in a context other than that of the classroom. Thus, the highlight of the year is the organization of the Francophonie in March.

But throughout the year, Maison Française hosts film screenings, debates and competitions. It also organises international conferences in cooperation with Maison Française at the University of Ghana. As part of its cultural cooperation mission, Maison Française also supports the activities of the Frensa (Association of French Students), including their various workshops. Maison Française also serves as a link between French students and Francophone students on campus, organizing joint events with Frensa and AEF (Association of Francophone Students), this in order to strengthen the oral communication skills of French students by communicating directly with native speakers.

Maison Française at KNUST :
Geolocation: located in the Examination Hall multipurpose complex, in front of the Faculty of Agriculture
Reception from Monday to Friday, from 8:00am to 05:00pm
Tel: (+233) 20 910 5543
Facebook page

Campus France Antenna:
Tel: (+233) 20 910 5543
Facebook page

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