Lycée Français student completes week-long internship at the Embassy

Josephe, a student in ninth grade at the Lycée français d’ Accra, completed a one-week observation interniste at the French Embassy. She enthusiastically told us about her experience and gave us her impressions on her stint at the embassy.


Josephe visited all the services of the Embassy and the Consulate and discovered how these institutions work. As she explained, she understood their unique roles and the different tasks that are carried out there. The functions of the Administration Block in particular, caught Josephe’s attention, who told us that she had an avid interest in accounting.

Besides observing procedure, the Lycée Français student took part in the activities of the Embassy and the Consulate : “I learned how an emergency passport was issued and even participated in research on the French language and Francophonie in Africa, at the Cooperation and Cultural Affairs Department."

Dernière modification : 14/02/2018

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