Launch of the numeric platform “IFprofs Ghana”

“IFprofs Ghana”, the numeric platform created by Institut Français, in collaboration with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aims at bringing together French language educators from all over the world and sharing teaching material, ideas, etc. to enhance professional practices.

What is IFprofs?

  • A world-wide social & professional network


IFprofs represents the online community of all French educators.

It is dedicated to:

  • French teachers from pre-tertiary to tertiary Education
  • Teacher trainers
  • Education officers and advisors,
  • Heads of schools, Heads of French departments
  • Teachers of disciplines such as history, arts, sciences, etc. who work in francophone countries, aspiring teachers, PhD students, students in research as well as library personnel.

A tool for training and sharing resources:

  • Discover material to enhance professional practices
  • teaching resources
  • methodologic resources
  • raw resources
  • be aware of the pedagogical innovations, events happening in Ghana, in neighboring countries or elsewhere in the world, francophone news, etc.
  • communicate with one’s peers, share one’s expertise and experiences, participate in group activities, enrich one’s professional practices.

IFprofs in a nutshell

As of August 2016(after 8 months of existence) IFprofs represents / counts:

25 countries
2025 members
103 groups (public/private)
171 infos
214 events
82 community-managers
23 partners

IFprofs’ partners
Numeric resources in French and activities of public or private institutions can be shared/broadcasted on IFprofs in the framework of / withina partnership.
As a member of the network, partners can meet other members. Contents can be seen worldwide or on the Ghanaian page
Contact us if you wish to partner with Ifprofs Ghana

To know more about IFprofs and sign in :


The numeric platform, “IF Profs Ghana” was officially launched on 30th August 2016 during the Ghana Association of French Teachers (GAFT) National Congress.

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