Maison Française (University of Ghana) and Espace Campus France Ghana

Maison Française (University of Ghana) and Espace Campus France Ghana
With the support of the University of Ghana, the French Embassy has adopted a unique instrument of our scientific and cooperation, Maison Française, on the University Ghana Campus (Legon, Accra). Located in the Modern Language Department Annex, has Espace Campus France Ghana, a conference room and a showroom with a 100 seat capacity, a 20 seat capacity seminar room as well as working space for visiting researchers and lecturers of the French department of the university. The aim of Maison Française is divided into three sections: scientific and academic cooperation, linguistic cooperation and cultural cooperation.

Academic relay on campus
The aim of Maison Française is to make the link between the Ghanaian universities and French higher education and research institutions, in order to facilitate the development of partnerships and exchanges between the two countries at the university level.

As part of the support to the teaching of French in Ghanaian universities, an International Volunteer (IV) provides training in teaching of French as Foreign Language (FLE) and in Teaching of French for Specific Purposes (FOS), FLE courses for the students of the French Department as well as all the other department of the University of Ghana and it hosts various cultural activities.

Espace Campus France Ghana has performed several missions in the Maison Française:

  • promotion and attractiveness of studies in France ;
  • advice on the French system of higher education ;
  • guiding the students through their application formalities training in France ;
  • helping the students in their visa application procedures ;
  • organizing workshops on writing of resume and cover letters;
  • organizing pre-departure meetings to France ;
  • making follow up on the annual scholarships programs of the Embassy.

University cultural center and a multidisciplinary platform
Since its inauguration on the Francophonie day in 2008, Maison Française of UG-Legon hosts several events : ateliers of the French Club of the University, International conferences, courses, seminaries, debates or film screenings. It is a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to both academics and the general public.

Find the program of the activities and more information on the Maison Française website

Maison Française of University du Ghana:
Geolocation: located in the Modern Language Department annexe
Open from Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 17:30 pm
Tel: (+233) 307 001 156
Facebook page

Espace Campus France Ghana:
Tel : (+233) 307 001 156
Facebook page

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