Job vacancy: Communications Officer (SCAC/IF)

Institut Français Ghana is recruiting a part-time communications officer to support its communication and promotion of cooperation and cultural action in Ghana.

Institut Français Ghana, a financially autonomous institution merged with Cooperation and Cultural Action Service of the French Embassy in Ghana, is recruiting, for an initial period of 6 months, a part-time officer to be responsible for the communication and promotion of cooperation and cultural action of Institut Français Ghana.

This position is detailed as follows: :

1. Job description:

1.1 Field of activity
Communication, layout, editing, infographics and social media, activities related to language, higher education and cultural cooperation of Institut Français, and by extension the SCAC-EAF of the French Embassy in Ghana.

1.2 Overview of main duties and responsibilities :
Promotion and communication, using various forms of communication, including and especially the internet and social media, of Institut Français and SCAC-EAF activities in the following domains:
- Support for the teaching of French and the Francophonie,
- Higher education cooperation,
- Student mobility through the promotion of activities by the Campus France branches in UG-Legon and KNUST-Kumasi, as well as following up on the development of the France Alumni Ghana platform;
- Cultural actions carried out in collaboration with Institut Français and the network of Alliances Française in Ghana.

As and when needed, the employee may support the communication and promotional actions of the Embassy in other areas, such as governance, health, environment for the SCAC as well as other domains covered by the chancellery and the Economic Service.

He/she will contribute to the conception of strategies to ensure the best possible presence of the French Embassy in Ghana on social media.

1.3 Contract duration : 6 months. Work schedule: 20h weekly | 80h monthly

2. Position status :

The employee works at the SCAC/IF of the French Embassy in Ghana, where he has an office, without access to the Eole infrastructure. He/she will have an internet-connected computer with the tools and software needed for the job.

He/she works under the supervision of the Director of Institut Français Ghana who is also the Head of the Cooperation and Cultural Action Service (Cocac), and by delegation, by the Secretray General of Institut Français, the assistant of the Cocac.

He/She carries out his/her duties in close liaison with the SCAC/IF cooperation officers and the various external managers of the cooperation network in Ghana (Campus France, Alliances françaises, Lycée Jacques Prévert, Expertise France…).

He/she works within the framework of communication policy and the emphasis of the position’s work on the Embassy’s website and social media networks, in collaboration with the Embassy’s Press Officer, under the authority of the Ambassador and the Deputy Head of Mission.

3. Candidate profile :

The officer in charge of communication and promotion of the activities in support of student mobility to France, French teaching initiatives, Institut Français Ghana’s cultural activities must hold a higher education degree (bachelors or masters).

He/she must have:
- a good command of the French language (B2 minimum, C1 desirable);
- an excellent command of English, mother tongue if possible;
- a strong academic background and a passion for communication and social media;
- a very good knowledge of current office software tools, desktop publishing, photography, web and social networking tools;
- preferably a mastery of photo processing, design and computer graphics software (Adobe Photoshop, In Design…)
- knowledge of the French and Ghanaian higher education systems will be a plus;
- a high capacity to adapt and good interpersonal skills;
- flexible schedule and availability to cover events outside the embassy, sometimes at the end of the day or evening.

Send your application (CV+cover letter) addressed to Ms. Nina Amah ( et by 22nd March 2019.

Interviews for shortlisted candidates will be held between 25th March and 9th April 2019.

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Job description: Chargé de communication (SCAC/IF)
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