Invest In France - General presentation

France has many assets, which are often highlighted by foreigners who choose to invest, travel, study or live in the country: a highly-developed infrastructure and networks which place France at the heart of the European and global economy; competitive energy prices; a skilled, productive workforce; a sense of creativity and design; a rich diversity of cultural attractions; an efficient and affordable healthcare system, and high-quality university education. All these strengths make France attractive to foreigners.

The attractiveness of France: one of the priorities of its diplomatic network

In a time of increasing globalization, in order for France to be even more attractive and thus more influential in the world, it is essential that it identify its strengths and weaknesses, and take action to address them.

The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is fully committed to prioritizing French attractiveness within its embassies and diplomatic network, which is constantly adapting to new global issues, through special representatives, regional ambassadors, and its new operator, Business France.

Business France is an economic agency created from the merger between the French agency for international investments (Invest in France Agency) and the French agency for international business development (UBI France). Launched in early 2015, its mission is to encourage the international development of companies established in France, to promote French exports and make France more attractive to foreign investors. It reports to the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs as well as the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Housing.

A France open to international talents

In 2016, France - Europe’s third-most attractive country for international investors - saw a significant increase in the number of foreign investment projects, up from 598 in 2015 to 779 in 2016. This 10-year high has helped create nearly 17,000 jobs. France’s 30% leap is the biggest of any of Europe’s 10 most attractive countries with Germany seeing a 12% increase and the United Kingdom experiencing a 7% increase. France also continues to lead Europe with the highest number of industrial and logistics projects. In regards to France’s assets, innovation was classed as France’s leading competitive advantage for half of those questioned, followed by the attractiveness of tourism and the quality of infrastructure. The image of France abroad has also continued to improve and has reached pre-crisis levels (73% positive views, versus 64% in 2014). France has also seen significant improvement in its image among international investors not present in France, 61% of whom consider France to be an attractive country.

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