Interview of a French engineering student from EPF School, after a 5-month internship in Ghana [fr]

Elie ZEMMOUR is a Engineering Management student from the EPF School of Engineering in Paris. He spent five months in Accra as an intern for Promasidor Ghana and was pleased to share with us, his interesting experiences living and working in Ghana.

  • Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Elie ZEMMOUR, a student in the 4th year of Engineering School in Paris, the Paris-Sceaux Region to be precise. My school is the EPF, a liberal engineering school that allows me to specialize this year in "Engineering Management". In addition to offering us quality courses, the school also allows us to carry out many internships, including one during the first semester of the fourth Year for a minimum period of four months.

  • In what context did you come to Ghana and how long did you stay?

It was thanks to this internship that I had the opportunity to come to Africa, Ghana to be precise, for the first time in my life.
I arrived on Sunday 22nd July and I left on 20th December 2018. My stay lasted five months.

  • In which company did you do your internship and at which position?

I carried out this internship at Promasidor Ghana, a company in Accra. This company is a subsidiary of the Promasidor Group which produces and sells mainly powdered milk products. As an engineering student I was placed in the IT department of the Company.

  • What lessons did you learn personally and professionally from this internship?

This internship has added a lot of value to me professionally. Not only have I gained mastery of managing the database of a company; I have also learnt a new programming language. Moreover, this internship allowed me to work in a team and in English, a language that was not familiar to me.
On a personal level, an international experience like this at the age of 20 years and for 5 months is always exceptional. What I will retain mainly from this stay is the people I met, with whom I was able to weave extremely strong bonds. All the people I met have passed on to me many values such as respect or sharing. Finally, this stay has allowed me to become aware of the inequalities in the world and the opportunities that Europeans benefit from comforts and infrastructural development.

  • What is the added value of having done this internship in Ghana rather than elsewhere?

Carrying out this internship in Ghana requires adapting to a new culture and discovering a new country. An experience like this becomes exceptional if you go out to meet people and keep an open mind. However, to carry out this internship on the African continent is a real professional opportunity because, from my point of view, this continent is the continent of possibilities and above all a continent of the future.

  • What are your impressions of Ghana? Is it what you were expecting?

Ghana is an extraordinary country, both at the landscape level, the cultural level and population. I never encountered any problems during my stay, and I am in haste to go back to see my friends and colleagues!
I was pleasantly surprised at the level of development of the capital, I did not expect so much infrastructure in many areas of the country. In the area of tourism, Ghana has huge potential, with breath-taking scenery.


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