Initiatives with regard to professional French and a specific objective (FOS)

Launching the IFOS Ghana programme

On 9th May 2016, the IFOS programme was launched in Ghana. It is a long distance learning platform for lecturers and public institutions in the continuum of activities carried out in 2014 and 2015.

IFOS provides teachers with professional French methodological material, as the French language is now more than ever a language for employment purposes and contributes to building the Francophone economic community.

IFOS was initiated by Institut Français in partnership with Centre de langue française de la Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Paris-Ile de France. It received the European Language Label in 2015.

The training is made up of three sections:

  • Section 1 presents the methodology and provides detailed steps of the course in different areas (French for tourism, business, science, military etc.).
  • It is free and accessible to all on line.
  • Section 2 guides the intern in completing a complete Business French course. It is at a fee and accessible with a success rate of 70% in the 1st session.
  • Section 3 enables the interns to certify their new skills (equivalent to one part of the FOS masters (Universites d’Arras and Dijon) or the Diplôme de Didactique du Français sur objectifs specifiques (French Teaching Certificate for specific purposes) (DDIFOS) of the CCIP-IDF) It is charged at a fee and accessible with a 70% success rate in the 1st session)
    Institut français will be training fifteen teachers in 2016.
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First Professional French Conference in Ghana (2014)

On 14th and 15th October the first professional French conference was held in Accra. This conference had in attendance heads from the science and technology universities who wished to train their students in French as well as partner institutions of the External Operations Programme such as the Ghanaian parliament, Ghana Institute of Management and Administration, Ghana Ports authorities, Ghana Immigration service and other institutions who offer professional French training to their staff.

These conferences were commenced in the presence of Mr. Ramses Cleland, European Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration and Mr. Frédéric Clavier, French Ambassador to Ghana. Experts from CAVILAM and CCI Paris-Ile de France were invited to contribute to the deliberations.

Professional French training for French teachers (2015)

In line with the “First Professional French Conference” which addressed the special needs of teachers to an audience made up of learners who are non-specialists of the language, a first training in professional French was held on second and fifteenth May 2015.

It was conducted by two experts from CAVILAM de Vichy. A group made up of French teachers from scientific universities was led by Mrs. Hélène Emile. The other group which is made up of French teachers from member institutions of the External Operations Programme was led by Mrs Christine Busson-Camara. The objective of this two week training was to help the teachers to adapt their courses to the special needs of their public, following their speciality and area of professional competence.

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