IRD holds round-table on the prevention of tropical infections through vaccination

ACCRA - 3rd October 2018, the IRD’s MERIT research team held a successful round-table discussion on the prevention of tropical diseases through vaccination. Led by a panel of IRD health researchers engaged the audience with insights into the evolution of vaccination trends in the tropics, success stories in Africa and challenges ahead.

The Mother and Child Against Tropical Infections (MERIT) joint research unit of the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD) hosted a round-table discussion at Alliance Française on the topic: "Prevention of tropical infections through vaccination." Leading the discussion was a panel of IRD health research directors made up of professors Nicaise Ndam, Jean-Philippe Chippaux, Michel Cot and Philippe Deloron.


They opened discussions by presenting an overview of the state of immunisation trends around the globe with a focus on the tropical zones including Ghana and Africa more broadly. They highlighted the progress that has been made by several African countries since the year 2000 to boost immunisation efforts to prevent dangerous infections such as yellow fever, measles and polio. Prof Ndam, who is stationed at the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) at the University of Ghana, highlighted work of the IRD in collaboration with NMIMR to develop more potent treatments against other infections especially placental malaria, a threat to pregnant women and unborn babies. The audience engaged the panel in a conversation about the benefits of vaccines and some lingering challenges ahead in the fight against tropical infections.


After the round-table discussions, participants were treated to a reception where they continued to exchange ideas with the panellists while the United Africa Dance Theatre livened the occasion with a spirited dance performance.

Dernière modification : 04/10/2018

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