"Green Embassy" project launch [fr]

The arrival of the first "Green Embassy" intern in April 2019, marked the formal launch of the "Green Embassy" project. But what exactly is it all about ?

The "Green Embassy" project

The "Green Embassy" project which was launched in keeping with the COP21 in 2015 is a gradual global approach to reducing the environmental impact of French diplomatic representations abroad.

Objectives of the project are :

  • Reinforce the exemplary French commitment to sustainable development on the international level
  • Make the diplomatic network a platform for French expertise
  • Improve the management and performance of diplomatic representations abroad and save money
  • Achieve carbon neutrality in 2020

To attain these objectives, the following challenges must be addressed :

  • Reduction of greenhouse gases emissions
  • Control of energy and water consumption
  • Promotion of renewable energies
  • Promotion of sustainable purchasing
  • Promotion of sustainable mobility
  • Protection of the environment and biodiversity
  • Reduction and separation of waste
  • Raising of awareness about sustainable development

The "Green Embassy" approach at the Embassy of France to Ghana

The "Green Embassy" project at the Embassy of France to Ghana began with the relocation of the Embassy in January 2019 to a new building which is more efficient and environmentally friendly. Indeed, environmental issues were taken into consideration during construction and the building was designed to have a better energy performance.

Next, the project was officially implemented with the arrival of the first "Green Embassy" intern in April 2019.

The Embassy is therefore committed to these seven priority thematic areas : energy, sustainable purchases, transport, water, biodiversity, waste management and awareness, in order to suggest innovative solutions to tackle current climate changes issues in Ghana.


Dernière modification : 30/05/2019

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