For fifteen years, governance has been one of the most important issues related to development. Attention was first drawn to "good governance" as a tool to lead to reforms, especially economic, under political stability conditions. This approach has evolved into a broader sense of the concept of governance: and for France, the issue of governance goes beyond the issue with regards to institutions and forms of government. It also encompasses the social coordination mechanisms involved in political action, decision-making process, including public and private sphere, at all levels, from local to global. It is a process to promote the emergence and maturity of democratic governance methods specific to each society, respecting universal and fundamental values of the democratic ideal that are recognized by international conventions and agreements.

France’s support to governance in Ghana

The embassy’s actions in the sphere of the Rule of law, and governance are based on a multi-annual project (2014-2017). This program from the Priority Solidarity Fund, FSP, aims to develop the concept of accountability in central and local government in Ghana. A first component focuses on strengthening the accountability of central government. A second component focuses on implementing mechanisms for coordination at the regional level and proposes public policies at the local level. The third component aims to create ties between the civil society, the citizens and the government. The total amount of the project totals 800 000 Euros, it is implemented by a technical assistant attached to the Ghanaian government and by a steering committee, co-chaired by France and Ghana on a parity basis . This program follows up on two "Priority Solidarity Fund (FSP)" that had been conducted from 2006 to 2013, one on public sector reform, the other on the implementation of decentralization of the Ghanaian administration.

The Cooperation Service can also use one-time funding to meet shorter-term applications in the field of governance. On governance, our support is concentrated in the sectors that have been identified as priorities in our cooperation with Ghana: democratic process, support for electoral processes, promotion of social accountability and support the implementation of decentralization. Respect for human rights, minority rights and the promotion of gender equality are also among the priorities of the action of France in Ghana. Support is given to the movements working towards the abolition of the death penalty in Ghana and advocacy activities are organized every year on the occasion of the World Day towards Abolition.

These cooperative actions are mounted in partnership with the Ghanaian authorities and the civil society as well as with major donors engaged in Ghana, the European Union, and other multilateral donors (UNDP, WHO, UNICEF, etc. ).

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