Embassy of France to Ghana pays a visit to the Ghana Armed Forces French Teaching Centers in Sekondi and Kumasi

Capucine Vasseur, French Language Teaching Coordinator in the Military, paid a visit to the Sekondi and Kumasi French Teaching Centers, the 10th and 12th January 2017. Those visits allowed us to reinforce our cooperation, in particular by reaffirming our pedagogical support to the teachers and military students.


2017 begins under the best auspices for the French Teaching Cooperation in the military, with the visit of Capucine Vasseur, French Language Coordinator for the Embassy of France to Ghana, to the Sekondi and Kumasi French Teaching Centers. It was the occasion to update our knowledge about their material and pedagogical needs, as we exchanged views on didactical methods used by teachers.

The military-students showed a certain willing and determination to learn a language which is an asset for them and their carrier. As a matter of fact, Ghana is Anglophone country surrounded by French-speaking countries, participates to plenty of international peacekeeping coalition. Thus, for Ghanaian military member, French knowledge is the guarantor of a good integration and dynamic communication in those organizations.

The French Embassy is glad to bring its support to the Ghanaian army in this cooperation, and wish all the best for the 2017 military-students.


Dernière modification : 11/04/2017

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