Dr. John Eleblu Lecturer of Natural Sciences, UG and Coordinator of Research for Francophone Africa, WACCI

John Eleblu (PhD) was trained as an agriculturist during his undergraduate education, and specialized in Crop Science at the University of Ghana, Legon in 2005. He attended Cornell University, USA as a partial fulfillment of the Crop Science master’s degree program at the University of Ghana with specialization in Crop Genetics and Breeding. He obtained his PhD in Plant Biotechnology at the University of Paris South, Orsay, France (2014), where he learnt to speak French and became aware of French Culture.

Today, Dr. Eleblu is a Lecturer at the Biotechnology Centre, University of Ghana, and Coordinator of Research for Francophone Africa at the West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement (WACCI), Legon. His interest as a scientist is working to improve the yield of farmers, thereby ensuring food security in Africa and also helping train plant breeders in the sub-region.

We have the honor to meet Dr. John Eleblu.


Embassy of France: For you, what symbolizes France? When you hear the name “France”, what do you think of?
Dr. Eleblu: Chocolate, cheese, gâteau, fine wine, French language, coffee, hard work, timeliness and efficiency. I also think of PSG, and the national motto; égalité, fraternité, liberté.

France in Ghana, what does it represent for you? Do you feel the presence of France in Ghana?
I see education. Yes, I do feel their presence, but not continuous.

Your work, does it have anything to do with France or French?
Yes of course, I’m currently the Coordinator of research for francophone Africa, I work with the EU Commission for research grants, still conducts research with scientist from France. Besides, I speak French as well.

Ok. You were in France for your doctoral program. So tell me, how was your experience with France or the French?
It was great, wonderful. I felt was at home, I see France as my second home now. Because when I was a student in Paris, the lecturers were very nice, very encouraging, and happy to have you around, the people I know were very much welcoming.

What is your opinion about France Ghana relation?
It is very good. I think they’re doing very well, but many people don’t get to realize what they’re doing. So more needed to be done, especially, use people like us as ambassadors to the Ghanaian community. For example, they should help WACCI integrate French language for PhD students at our Centre, I think it’ll.

What message do you have for French learners and those who would like to study in France?
I’ll recommend anyone to learn French or study in France without hesitating. Whilst there, I learnt so many things, including the French I speak today, which plays an important role in my job as the Coordinator of research for Francophone Africa. I want to also request of the French Embassy to help us integrate French language into our curriculum. Thank you.

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