Dr. Agyemang Danquah, Lecturer of Natural Sciences at UG and Coordinator of Teaching Programs at WACCI

Agyemang Danquah graduated with BSc in Agriculture (2005) from the University of Ghana. He also attended University of Virginia, USA (2007), as a research students whilst a master’s student at Legon. He had his doctoral studies in France, Université Paris Sud, Orsay, and specialized in Plant Molecular Biology, which was partly funded by French Embassy in Ghana. He graduated in 2014.

Today, Dr. Agyemang Danquah is a lecturer at the Department of Crop Science, University of Ghana and the Coordinator for the Teaching Program at the West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement (WACCI). As a scientist, he has helped develop an adapted teaching program for WACCI, conducting research to help farmers and speaks French.

We had the honor to meet him at his office (WACCI), where he tells us about his experience with France and the French.


French Embassy: Good morning Dr. Danquah
Dr. Danquah: Good morning.

So Dr. Danquah, for you, what symbolizes France? When you hear the name “France”, what do you think of?
Its French language, wine, cheese, hard work.

So your work, does it have anything to do with France or French?
Not yet. We are planning to contact the French Embassy and my former school for collaboration in terms of scientific research.

France in Ghana, what does it represent for you?
It’s the French language and culture.

Ok. So you were in France, tell me, how was your experience with France or the French?
It was a beautiful experience that I would never forget. My experience as a student was super, and I’ll like to go back if I get the opportunity, to at least, say hello to my friends and supervisor. From academic to social life, there one thing I admire about Paris, is the cultural diversity.

What is your opinion about France-Ghana relation?
It is a great relation, France in Ghana is doing very well, especially, for the language but more needed to be done. For exemple French for Natural sciences at WACCI.

What message do you have for Ghanaian students, French learners, or those interested in French postgraduate education?
I recommend they take French seriously as it’ll put them on the international scene. Thank you.

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