Defence Cooperation

The engagement of the Ghanaian forces in the ECOWAS Mission in Cote d’Ivoire (ECOMICI) shows the real need of a common knowledge of our respective armed forces.

In the framework of the RECAMP concept and in the exercise cycle, the cooperation between France and Ghana aims to develop necessary relations for a good understanding during the engagements in the sub region and to participate with other western countries to the strengthening for peace keeping capacities in Africa.

In order to finalise this will, besides the French Navy Ship calls, four mains projects have been developed:

- French teaching in the Armed Forces

- Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Training Center(KAIPTC), in which a French military adviser is appointed

- the emergency services which is running in liaison with the military hospital of Accra. French military doctors have been dispended two courses for two years.

- Bilateral cooperation: it is made up of Navy training exercises in common. More over France carried out an audit of the Ghanaian Air Force in january 2006 which would be used for further cooperation.
The bilateral cooperation will be developed more and more.

Dernière modification : 27/03/2006

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