Visa section : Consultation procedure for outsourcing the booking of appointments

The Embassy of France in Accra is launching a competitive procedure for the selection of an external service provider who shall be responsible for setting up an appointment booking service (call centre) for the submission of visa application documents.

This procedure is launched according to the following schedule:

On-line publication of the call for applications 28th of March 2019
Deadline for submission of bids 14th of April 2019
Decision of the selection committee 29th of April 2019
Date of commissioning of the call centre 8th of May 2019

As part of this consultation, bidders specialized in this field who wish to submit their offer, may obtain a copy of the specifications relating to this invitation to tender by presenting themselves at the Embassy of France located at Fourth Circular Rd Cantonment, Accra from 28th of March 2019 to 14th of April 2019, between 10 AM and 12AM, upon presentation of a certificate of registration of their company in the Trade Register together with an identity card.

Dernière modification : 01/04/2019

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