Campus France Ghana held a seminar for students going to France

Campus France Ghana held a pre-departure seminar on Thursday, June 9, 2016, for students who have been admitted into any program in France. The seminar was held at the Campus France’s main office located in the University of Ghana in presence of the Ambassador of France to Ghana HE François Pujolas.

It saught to address challenges students are facing when going to France. This program tackled issues pertaining to the pre-departure as well as arrival formalities.
During the event, there was also a launch of a financial partnership agreement between CampusFrance Ghana and Société Générale Ghana. The aim of this partnership is to provide loans (financial assistance) to support students going to France. This has become a necessity since the financial requirement for the acquisition of a French student visa is becoming difficult for many parents and students.

Addressing the students and parents at this year’s seminar, His Excellency Mr. François Pujolas has expressed satisfaction to Campus France Ghana for its tremendous effort in preparing students for studies in France. He stated that, the France in Ghana team is committed to strengthening the bilateral cooperation between Ghana and France and education is a key area. He stated that, the France in Ghana team is committed to strengthening the bilateral cooperation between Ghana and France and education is a key area. He recalled the audience that the cost-quality ratio of studies in France is very competitive worldwide and reminded them that knowledge of the French language is a plus in terms of job opportunities, especially in the West African context. He also expressed gratitude to Société Générale Ghana for accepting the request to help Ghanaians students going to France by providing financial assistance in form of loan at competitive rate.

French universities welcome about 100 Ghanaian students every year, both for one year abroad program and postgraduate studies. This year, the number is likely to double thanks to Campus France Ghana’s efforts in providing assistance and guidance with the help of France in Ghana team at no cost. The French Embassy also assists financially at least 12 postgraduate Ghanaian students in France every year: It annually awards scholarship to 6 master’s degree students and 2 for doctorate degrees, amounting to about 120, 000 euros every year.

France is the 3rd largest international student destination worldwide (300, 000 students in 2015) and offers a wide range of programs in over 100 universities providing affordable and quality education at all levels.

Even though the general cost of living in France is approximately the same as other western countries such as the UK or US, fees are generally one of the lowest in the world: ranging between 200 to 300 euros per year for a master degree program (except for private universities and schools) as against 5,000 to 10 000 USD per year, thanks to the French government’s unique handling of international student, where they pay the same fees as French nationals.

Studying in France would give a Ghanaian student double advantage as its degrees are recognized anywhere in Europe and most part of the world and the advantage of learning French, the most spoken international language in West Africa.

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