CREF National Seminar on New French Textbook

From the 12th to the 17th September 2016, the 10 Heads of CREF (Regional Centres for the teaching of French) with 10 resource-teachers met in Accra for a national seminar.This seminar which was organized by the national coordination of CREF, aimed at introducing the new textbook for the teaching and Learning of French for SHS level based on the national syllabus.


The 20 participants explored the organization and content of the textbook: learning objectives, various activities, coherence between objectives and exercises, progression. They also identified constraints and difficulties teachers may encounter, namely technical problems, lack of equipment, additional explanations and activities.

A theoretical input completed the hands-on phases: teaching methodologies, teaching of grammar, notions of competence and task, the principle of coherence between objectives and content, the role and the posture of teacher.

Other modules also focused on audio and video resources offered by the manual, as well as online resources such as the numeric platform“ IFprofs”. On the 16th and 17th of September, ten more teachers joined the group to attend this training session.

This training seminar will be held in the various regions during the 2016-2017 academic year by the heads CREF who will train the 700 SHS teachers to use this textbook effectively.

About the textbook

It was created to respond to the compelling lack of teaching resources – the actual textbook used “Arc-en-ciel “ dates back to 1992 is the only reference. This manual has not been reprinted since 1996, which forces teachers to use old photocopies.


The new manual for French has been written-up through regional and national workshops involving SHS teachers and teachers from Alliance française Accra, Heads of CREF and lecturers, with the participation and support of the French Embassy. The textbook comes along with a CD and a DVD.

We hope that soon each and every student can have their own textbook to avoid “French leaving the class when the teacher leaves the class”.

Dernière modification : 27/09/2016

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