CAMHA Games 2019 : social inclusion through sport [fr]

French Ambassador, Mrs Anne Sophie AVÉ, kicked off the CAMHA Games 2019 tournament! The project, supported by the French Embassy, was led by the Care and Action for Mental Health in Africa (CAMHA) association, affiliated with the Harm Reduction Alliance of Ghana.

A meeting dedicated to suicide prevention and social inclusion

Several teams composed of patients and caregivers from Accra Psychiatric Hospital, Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital, Pantang Psychiatric Hospital, Drug & Alcohol Awareness Rehabilitation Center/REMAR, competed in a friendly tournament on Thursday 24 October 2019 at St. Thomas High School in Aquinas, Accra.

This meeting on "suicide prevention through social inclusion and sport" was an opportunity to show how crucial the practice of sport plays in improving mental and psychological pathologies. The speakers recalled that sport improves both physical and mental health, adding that regular practice reduces the symptoms of depression and anxiety and also allows for a better self-image and greater self-confidence.

A project supported and funded by the French Embassy in Ghana

This event is part of the "Promotion of Mental Health and wellness through Sports" project, supported by the French Embassy. It aims at including people with mental illnesses and psychiatric disorders through sport: improving the well-being of patients, raising awareness and training psychiatric health professionals (3 hospitals, Mental Health Authority, etc.), importance of physical activity in the process of treating pathologies, organizing sports competitions, making equipment available.

This project dubbed "Innovative Projects of Civil Societies and Coalitions of Actors", PISCCA 2019-2020, is a program funded by the Embassy of France in Ghana, with the aim of structuring and strengthening the capacities of Ghanaian civil society organizations through training and financing of innovative pilot projects.

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