Annual "French for military" teachers’ steering committee meeting held

On Friday, February 9th 2018 the annual French Teaching Committee meeting took place at the Alliance Française in Accra.

This teaching project, created in 2003 by the military cooperation of the French Embassy with the Education department of the Ghanaian Army, allows officers to learn French in order to lead military operations in francophone countries. To date, six French language centers offer French lessons, with experienced Ghanaian teachers who were partially trained in France.

The annual French Teaching Committee meeting’s objectives were to report back the results of the year 2017 and then to propose new goals for 2018. During the year 2017, 171 students attended French lessons. With almost 83% of success rate for the DELF (Diploma for French Language Studies), teachers and students proved one more time their attachment and determination to an essential language on international military field.

During the meeting, LCOL Philippe COSTES, project leader, awarded the diploma of “best center 2017” to the Sekondi French Center for its excellent results in 2017. Indeed, thanks to its teachers Mensah Kudafa and Sherifatu Kadri, the center succeeded in registering 21 students to the “DELF” exam and performed the success rate to the exam with 90%. Congratulations!


Dernière modification : 19/03/2018

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