The Embassy of France and the Campus France office would like to bring to the attention of everyone, especially students and parents a serious matter concerning fake institutions that claim to give scholarships to students.

It has recently come to our notice that institutions like these tend to demand that applicants pay hundreds of cedis in application fees and issue them letters promising to cater for the cost of their tuition abroad, promises they fail to keep; thus, leaving the students stranded.

Scholarships and other grants are given on the sole basis of merit, hence institutions that claim to award scholarship using other means aside academic excellence or talent and would require being recommended to other students must be approached with care and if possible, must be avoided at all costs.

The Campus France office of the Embassy of France hereby dissociates itself from organizations such as these and shall reject any document issued by them, which will not allow the students to further their visa application.

Thank you.

Dernière modification : 15/04/2019

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