A seminar on academic life in France

Campus France Ghana, on Thursday, March 10, 2016, organized a seminar on academic life in France at Maison Française Legon. The seminar is meant to prepare students psychologically for academic and social life in France.


The Espace Campus France Ghana, the agency in charge of promoting French higher education and offering assistance to students interested in study in France, organized a seminar on university life in France. This seminar was attended by more than hundred students from different universities (Legon, Methodist, Ghana institute of languages, etc.), preparing for the Year Abroad program. The three hour meeting has educated the students on academic life in France. The students were also informed on the various difficulties Ghanaian students face during their stay, in order to make known to them, share knowledge and educate them on the differences that existed between the academic and social life in Ghana and France.

According to Daniel, the Coordinator of Campus France Ghana, “the seminar intends to inform the students on academic life in France, to give the Year Abroad returnees opportunity to share their experiences and give some forms of advice to those currently preparing for the program.

In order to achieve this result, a team made up of Year Abroad returnees from France and Benin were also invited to share their experiences and advise their friends, with the support of the coordinator of Campus France Ghana.

More than an hour and a half was dedicated to questions and answers between the students and the year abroad returnees from both France and Benin. This long interaction has brought satisfaction to the students.

“Thanks to this seminar, I’ve gotten answers to all the things my parents and I were worried about; social life in Bordeaux, grading system, lecturer-student relation etc. I finally understood that, it’s not all rosy”, said Hillary Mensah from Legon.

For Amatus Dassah, “for you to develop your French, it is important to manage your social and academic life, knowing that staying indoors would not help. So it’s very important to make new friends and speak often”. “It is also good to have an open mind” Abigail Adjapong added.

Dernière modification : 01/04/2016

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