A delegation of senators to Accra [fr]

On 17 and 18 April, a delegation of 4 French senators visited Ghana.

This delegation was composed of the Senator from Bas-Rhin and President of the France-West Africa Friendship Group of the Senate Mr. André Reichardt, the Senator from Orne Mrs. Nathalie Goulet, the Senator from Yvelines Mr. Martin Lévrier and finally the Senator from Loire-Atlantique Mr. Joël Guerriau..

The visit was an opportunity for the delegation to meet with Mr. Joe Osei Owusu, First Vice-President of the Ghanaian Parliament and also Mr. David Dakura, Vice-President Ghana-France Friendship Group in Parliament.

The objective of these meetings was to strengthen the institutional link with the Ghanaian Parliament.

This first day continued, at the Alliance française in Accra, with an anti-terrorist exercise organised by the French Embassy, 2 RAID instructors (Recherche, Assistance, Intervention, Dissuasion) and 2 dog handlers from the CNFUC (Centre National de Formation des Unités Cynotechniques). This allowed Ghanaian special forces to apply intervention techniques in the event of an attack.

In the late afternoon, the senators went to the Osu castle and met the MMCC (Multinational Maritime Coordination Centre) Zone F to discuss the many challenges that exist in the Gulf of Guinea.

To conclude this first day, the delegation was able to meet part of the French community during a cocktail reception at the Résidence de France.

The second day opened with a visit to the extension of the port of Tema led by the President of Meridian Port Service (MPS) Tema Mr. Mohamed Samara. They then had a working lunch with the Director of the Chamber of Commerce France-Ghana, Mrs Delphine Adenot Owusu and the Foreign Trade Advisors to discuss business opportunities in Ghana.

In parallel, they were able to exchange with the French start-up CycleFarms based in Ghana and specialized in the production of insect based animal feed.

This visit to Ghana ended with a meeting with the Director of the AFD in Ghana, Mr. Jildaz Evin.

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