Study in France

  • French government scholarships and student mobility

    After a downturn—triggered by the economic crisis in Ghana between 2012 and 2015—student mobility rebounded to an upward trend and, by 2016, had returned to a level close to that of 2012. Since then, and thanks to (...)

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  • France Alumni Ghana

    In October 2017, the France Alumni network was launched in Ghana at a ceremony attended by many public figures, alumni from France, as well as representatives from the French and Ghanaian academic community.
    In (...)

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  • Campus France Ghana

    Campus France is the French national agency in charge of promoting higher education, welcoming and attracting international student mobility to France. Headquartered in Paris, Campus France operates a network of 255 (...)

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  • Why study in France?

    With more than 260 000 foreign students, about 12% of the student population, France is:
    -* The 3rd hosting country in the world
    -* The 1st hosting country of African students.
    -* 10% students on mobility (...)

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