Invest in France

  • Invest In France - General presentation

    France has many assets, which are often highlighted by foreigners who choose to invest, travel, study or live in the country: a highly-developed infrastructure and networks which place France at the heart of the European and global economy; competitive energy prices; a skilled, productive workforce; a sense of creativity and design; a rich diversity of cultural attractions; an efficient and affordable healthcare system, and high-quality university education. All these strengths make France attractive to foreigners.

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  • The “Compétences et Talents” Card

    If you envisage a professional project in France, the "passport talent" residence permit which is valid for 4 years and renewable, can allow you to carry out a professional activity related to your project. It covers 10 job categories that correspond to current economic realities.

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  • Business France

    Business France has set up an information service for foreign talent and their families transfered to France for professional reasons. The "welcome to France" online service is here to guide you through the various procedures involved in moving to work in France.

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  • Investing in France

    France has many strengths to attract businesses and foreign investment.

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